Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Long time no see

Sorry for my absence, but I've been having som problems with my living situation so I have not been able to bake much. Nothing at all actually. But now I have a home and a kitchen again, and not at least, my KitchenAid.

Anyway. This rather small cupcakes is made with ginger and lemon flavour, chopped almonds in the bottom and a easy philadelphia frosting. Delicious.
For a even more grown up taste there is solely dark muscovado sugar as sweetener in them.

Friday, January 27, 2012


This is a little lovely thing I did when I quitted my last work. I've got so much inspiration from all faboulus rainbowcakes all over internet so I decided to give it a try.

Rainbow cake with vanilla buttercream
Because it was my first try I did it as easy as possible. I took an ordinary soft cake recepie, doubled it becuase my pan is quite big, and when ready I devided it into three bowls and added some color.
Then I just poured it in, a little bit here and a little bit there. Whipped the buttercream and added some sprinkles. Easy peasy but very cute!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cake of December

This was the cake of December

Gingerbread and saffron soft cake

Actually I forgot the bakingsoda in this one so I thought it would be totally uneatable but it came out quite good anyway. I did an ordinary soft cake recepie, split it in two bowls and added gingerbread spices to one and saffron to the other. Then I just poured it over and round each other in the tin, added some chopped almonds on top.

I wanted to give it some christmas feeling so I took some marcipan and formed a christmas rose of it. It was highly appriciated even though I forgot some ingredients!

Birthday Cupcake

This is the cupcake I did for my birthday! I found those cute cups formed as a square at Lagerhaus in Sweden. And they were even on sale! Anyway.

Lime and satsuma cupcake with vanilla frosting

I wanted a sweet cake with a little edge so I scraped the shell of one lime and one satsuma and then I pressed the fruits and used the juice instead of milk in the recepie. They turned out really good actually.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cake of January

We have an agreement at work. All the boys are paying and buying breakfast every friday, but I don't. I bake the cake of the month. This is the cake of January.

Chocolate cupcake with rum and coconut frosting

I took a ordinary chocolate cupcake recepie. I had such big cups so a recepie for 15 cupcakes was enough to 8. Remember to double the time in the oven. I also doubled the cacao for a really chocolate feeling.
The topping was supposed to be white but as I only had brown rum at home, the color got a little bit boring so I chose to pour some yellow and red food coloring in it.

It tasted really good, the cupcake was crispy outside and chewy inside, almost like a fondant. The frosting have a grown up touch because of the rum.

If you don't want the frosting I would suggest some whipped cream with rum in it.

The baking blog!

Yes! Finally I do it! I'm going to have my own baking blog.

I love to bake cookies and cakes, cupcakes and candy. It's like the best. And now I want to share it with you!

Be prepared that it will be many posts about cakes I did a while ago now in the beginning. I also promise to share my mistakes and also my secrets..